. . . a little bit of accounting in each animated video . . .

Definition of acclet
Suggestions for Use
  1. Each acclet is the equivalent of a lecture for a single accounting lesson.
    • Related lessons have been grouped to comprise a "topic". Each topic is roughly equivalent to a chapter in a financial accounting textbook.
    • Taken as a collection, financial accounting acclets are a substitute for the lectures typical of a college-level financial accounting course.

  2. Financial Accounting acclets are NOT textbook-specific (they can be used with most college-level financial accounting texts).
    • Except for the accounting cycle (must be covered first) and the statement of cash flows (must be covered last), the rest of the topics can be covered in any order.
    • (Within a topic, the acclets should be used in order.)

  3. Acclets are designed to be used interactively.
    • Workpapers are included to facilitate students' participation in the lessons.
    • Students should keep one hand on the pause button and use it regularly to:
      • formulate answers to the questions posed by the narrator
      • to perform calculations
      • to take notes
      • to complete associated workpapers